COLORA is using the latest digital printing technology

Digital textile printing is a relatively new method utilizing ink jet technologies for printing any kind of design onto rolls of textile.

COLORA has recently installed a new digital printing system capable of printing 8,000 meters per day.

According to industry
researchers, worldwide
textile printing 
accounts for about 30
billion meters of 
material volume each

Although digital 
printing represents
only 2% of the 
above figure, the
prospects of digital
printing are 
promising as its
share is constantly

The economic and competitive advantages of digital printing are worth noting:

  1. Printing of short runs possible.
  2. Infinite number of colors -even photographic quality printing.
  3. Endless repeat designs and sizes.
  4. Greater variety of printed designs.
  5. Faster sampling cycles.
  6. Elimination of cylinder engraving costs (no cylinders are used).

Digital printing offers distinct environmental advantages -such as:

  • Improved power consumption.
  • Reduced water consumption.
  • Lower levels of chemical waste.