The art of textile finishing

COLORA has all the modern equipment in order to perform both physical and chemical finishing processes. We can handle any kind of fabric and give it a most delicate touch! You may find below some representative finishing methods that we can carry out in our facilities.

✓ Dimensional stability

Make sure that your fabrics retain their original shape and remain stable.

✓ Raising

Slight or thick raising effect in order to improve the warmth of the finished textile.

✓ Carbon finishing

Carbon brushing finish (peach skin effect) creates very short hair and gives a soft feel to the fabric.

✓ Velvet finishing

Achieve a uniform pile height, brushed in one direction with improved creasing characteristics.

✓ Anti-pilling / Biopolishing

For a clear surface in cotton fabrics without fibrils; the process uses environmentally safe enzymes .

✓ Lux

Singeing for a clear picture in any kind of substrate (e.g. Viscose, Modal, Lyocell etc).

✓ Functional finishing

Improve comfort and performance by allowing sports fabrics to breathe through microscopic pores for improved moisture-wicking.