We can assist you every step along the way...

COLORA has over 90 years of experience in textile printing and dyeing. The company's expertise is a combination of modern practices with traditional methods and proven techniques that have evolved over the years by adapting to today's technological and market standards.

All employees and executives are constantly passing through the most demanding training and learning sessions in order to catch up with the latest breakthroughs in textile printing and finishing.

No matter the size of the client or the quantity of production, we can identify our clients' needs and work hard in order to surpass their expectations.

Our team of experts can handle all the steps of order taking, production and delivery of processed materials. Think of us as your trusted partner that can take care of you: from the preparation of samples all the way to creating a custom collection that meets your company's criteria or your clients' most stringent standards.


COLORA is an international supplier.

Our clients operate across continents and serve the most demanding international markets. We are closely monitoring our customers' demands and quickly respond to satisfy all qualitative criteria and -above all- ship orders just-in-time no matter the location.